Culture By Jonathan Hermann

Dive Deeper Into Asia

The cultural depth of Asia is astounding. An enthralling collection of ancient civilizations, epic landscapes and historic monuments, the continent defies all labels, attracting travelers of all stripes to delve into mystical worlds. So, where do you begin?

Wise travelers know that the best way to dive into a locale as rich and wonderfully unfamiliar as Japan, China or any of Asia's other unique countries is through a custom private tour. Proud of the lands they call home, tour operators showcase these countries, making cultural immersion easier for you to appreciate and embrace.Below we highlight a seven-night tour to Japan, prepared exclusively for Luxperiential SELECT guests.


Quintessential Japan

The tour begins in Tokyo, with three nights at The Imperial Hotel, a city landmark. These first few days will be an exciting whirlwind tour of historic and modern sites, during which you'll stroll through the wooded grounds of Meiji Shrine, explore the endless shopping opportunities at Shibuya District, enjoy a hands-on cooking class focused on sushi and discover the Mori Building Digital Art Museum in Odaiba, just to name a few activities.

More adventures await once you depart Tokyo. The remainder of your tour will be spent in Hakone, where you will be whisked up high by cable car for an incredible view of Mount Fuji (weather permitting, of course), before spending three nights in Kyoto, the country's capital city before Tokyo. It is here, in one of the most inspiring cities of the world, you will be served tea by apprentice geishas in famous Gion, walk through the mesmerizing bamboo forest of Arashiyama and stare in awe at the exquisite Golden Pavilion.Each moment of this journey will be spent in the company of expert guides who bring these locales to life, explaining the history and cultural significance of each temple and introducing you to enlightening locals eager to share their own personal stories.

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Additional Journeys

Beyond this journey to Japan, our agency works with tour operators who can provide a wide range of tours to help you explore the wonders of Southeast Asia, the Himalayas, and East and West Asia. These tours can be short and direct, like a trip to the heart of Thailand for three days - an ideal add-on tour to bolster any other travel plans you might have in this corner of the world. And these tours can be sweeping and ambitious in scope, such as a 32-day adventure to Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Singapore, that will allow you to check off many of the boxes on your bucket list.